Dinh Trang archaeological site located in Dinh Trang hamlet

Dinh Trang archaeological site located in Dinh Trang hamlet (Duc Tu, Dong Anh, Hanoi), in the East of Co Loa citadel.

Dinh Trang archaeological site lie snugly in highland area, near to old Hoang Giang river, section from Nhan Ly hamlet, through Dinh Trang hamlet to Thac Qua hamlet, with area about 15.000m2. Dinh Trang is far from Duong May about 1,5km2, far from Đong Vong, Bai Men and Cau Vuc about 2km; far from Tien Hoi archaeological site about 4km in the direction of the Northeast.

Dinh Trang archaeological site has been investigated for 4 times and excavated for 4 times with total area 277.25m2. Basing on layers and distribution of objects in cultural layer, researchers believe that this is a great important archaeological site. The archaeological site has thick cultural layers with 4 cultural layers, having typical archaeological site for process of continuous development and cultural collection of Red river civilization during four cultural stages, from Phung Nguyen to Dong Son.


Pottery shard: Excavated in Dinh Trang archaeological site in 2010. Date: Phung Nguyen culture about 3500-4000 years ago

Particularly, it is found many Dong Son resident graves at Dinh Bang area. Until now, 17 graves were discovered, in the first investigation (year 1969): 1 grave, first excavation: 1 grave, the second: 2 graves, the third: 2 graves and the fourth: 10 graves. All is land grave. The graves have stable direction to northwest – southeast or vice versa. As for grave M8, the dead person’s limb was curled up. The remaining dead person was lied supine and limbs stretch. Crushed and decayed condition of the bones and some skull were still remained. Almost graves have funeral objects which are Dong Son objects such as: pottery, lance, copper axe.

Relic collected in 4 times excavation of Dinh Trang archaeological site:

Stone objects: 708 items (axe, chisel, grater, plumb-line, perueteur, scraping items, casting shape), make up 45.94%, jewelry: 108 items (bracelet, earrings, ring, necklace, ring core.

Copper objects: 254 items, making up 15.89%, including iron objects: 2 items, making up 0.12%, bone objects: 4 items, making up 0.25%. Particularly, objects marked with 71ĐT: 123 items were made from a 3,8cm section of stag horn, having borehole ream out 2 ends, round and flat cross section, rectangle hole pierced in the centre of body, round and small 2 holes on the top, opposite each other through slit along the body. This is human or animal face jewelry.

Pottery and terra-cotta objects: 582 items (marbles, plumb-line, pot, bowl, cup, plate, vases, jar, head statue) making up 36.81% (including 441 shards) and 68,744 types of pottery shard.

In summary, Dinh Trang is habitation – funeral archaeological site. It can be deemed as the face of 4 continuously cultural periods in Vietnam Bronze Age: Phung Nguyen – Đong Đau – Go Mun – Đong Son (Duong Co type).


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