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The establishment of Hanoi cultural branding is a process which requires the perseverant and continual implementation over many years and to be oriented towards the national and international public so that Hanoi would locate its cultural importance toward the country, region and the world.


Hanoi has much potential and advantages to become the national cultural highlight. Photo: Huy Anh

At the recent scientific conference titled “Theorical and practical issues on the establishment and development of the Capital culture during thirty years of innovation”, scientists acknowledged that, in addition to the obtained significant results, the establishment of elegant and civilized Hanoi culture has not been compatible to the requirements on the civilized Capital which plays the role as significant Centre of culture, science, health and international transaction in the region and nationwide. Thus, Hanoi is required to make more effort and create more powerful changes so that the cultural career will actually be typical and become the highlight in the country, where gathers, creams  and spreads the national cultural values.

Shortage of advertisement and highlight

According to Assoc. Prof., Dr. Bui Hoai Son, Vietnam Institute of Culture and Arts Studies, Hanoi is proud of its past and current achievements; and has endless potential to establish its cultural branding so that it is the cultural capital not only of Vietnam but also of the region. The important thing is whether we are decesive and prepare plans and measures to realize such dream.

According to Assoc. Prof., Dr. Bui Hoai Son, capitals or big cities are often reminded of highlights such as events (London Fashion week, Paris Fashion Week, Berlin International Film Festival…), or cultural and arts works such as Eiffel tower, Statue of Liberty, Big Ben, Red Square… which everyone desires to come.

In Vietnam, many big cities and tourism areas have made many efforts and achieved certain success at the establishment of its image such as: Danang International Fireworks Competition, Hue Festival, Dalat Flower Festival, Hoi An in Quang Nam; and some provinces such as Nha Trang, Vung Tau, Binh Thuan… have gradually defined its name through events and vestiges.

Hanoi is typical place of the national thousand-year civilized history with 5,175 vestiges. Many locations in Hanoi are attached to stories, legends and historical persons… Hanoi has material and non-material cultural heritages recognized by UNESCO such as the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long, Van Mieu- Quoc Tu Giam (the Temple of Literature), Giong Festival at Phu Dong and Soc temples… Besides, the contemporary social context has also created many cultural advantages for Hanoi when almost significant events of the country are organized in Hanoi.

However, over 30 years of innovation, Hanoi has still not created any event which is highlighted considerably and long-term, not improved all advertages and potentials to establish the cultural branding which is expected by Hanoian and people nationwide.

Thus, there are many things must be done and Hanoi needs more efforts to establish Hanoi cultural brandiesg, so that Hanoi can locate its cultural importance towards the country, the region and the world.

In the long-term, in order to establish the Hanoi cultural branding, firstly, it is required to have clearer awareness of the role of culture toward the Capital development; culture must be actually the Centre of the development; any change or strategy of development needs the consideration of the role and position of the culture.

According to Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Mai, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences, one of factors which help the establishment of Hanoi cultural branding is through advertisement of tourism. In the recent years, Hanoi has emerged as a peaceful and safe city. The quantity of domestic and international tourists who visit Hanoi increases every year. However, such quantity has not been proportional to Hanoi potentials. There is no opportunity for the advertisement of the thousand-year culture. As a result, we feel a “pity” when the number of tourists who return is limited because of undiversified tours regarding tourism quality and products.

Intersectoral collaboration is a need

Asst. Prof., Dr. Bui Hoai Son said that, the planning, selection and organization of international-ranked cultural events are necessary, for example, Vietnam – International Film Festival in Hanoi (aiming at developing the film industry, building the city’s band name), fashion weeks to develop the textile and fashion industry, cuisine weeks in Hanoi to popularize Hanoi’s specialities, handicraft weeks to promote the development of the handcraft, or general weeks such as Seoul (Korea) with Hi! Soul Festival or Tokyo (Japan) with Tokyo Festival.

Bessides, it is necessary to provide regimes and policies to support the development of culture and arts in the Capital. According to Assoc. Prof., Dr. Nguyen Thanh Tuan, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences, the policy should aim at honouring the talent of artists and craftsmen, facilitating the creativeness of each individual, paying attention to the role of community in the conservation and promotion of cultural value. The promulgation of creativeness –  encouraging polices regarding public cultural activities will help create new works with creative values from literature, painting, sculpture, stage, music and dance, photography, cinema… Moreover, it can help conserve folklore and promote the development of arts – culture activities of the capitalians.

The establishment of Hanoi cultural branding is a process that requires patience, continuity with orientation to the domestic and international public. It is not a temporary activity. Therefore, it should be performed scientifically, methodically, clear planning by management units and organizations.

The establishment of Hanoi cultural branding is neither a solely task of the cultural sector nor of Hanoi capital. It requires intersectoral collaborations between cultural sector and other sectors so that Hanoi culture can be more and more deserved its inherent position, and more widespread to the region and the world.

Huy Anh

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