The Temple of Literature welcomed about 100,000 visitors

Ms. Pham Thi Thuy Hang, Deputy Director of Scientific and Cultural Center under the Temple of Literature said that the Temple of Literature welcomed about 100,000 visitors   from January 1st to 5th of the Year of Horse. In addition to calligraphy displays, visitors to the Temple of Literature also worshiped the Confucian deities and prayed for good fortune in the New Year


Asking for calligraphy in the New Year, cultural beauty of Trang An people. (Image: Thanh Ha/Vietnam News Agency)

This is traditional fondness of learning, dutifulness and loyal, venerating teachers and respecting morals of Hanoi people and provinces in the whole country in the New Year.

In the artistic activities for visitors held by the Center in coordinating with organizations, clubs in the Lunar new year, calligraphical activities with giving and asking calligraphy, praying for good fortune in the new year are attracted attention from crowds of people.

Other activities such as co boi, human chess (co nguoi) performed by Hanoi club; water puppetry performed by Dao Thuc Puppetry Group (Dong Anh) and unicorn, dragon dance performed by Chua Huong Dance Group in the Tet holiday.

The Temple of Literature relic is one of the attractive destinations of Hanoi in the New Year by the cultural, historical, architectural and landscape values​​. Because of this, the Scientific and Cultural Center under the Temple of Literature positively decorates, makes up the relic space by arrangement of many flowers, ornamental plants, grass trimming, yard cleaning … to create a beautiful, clean and fresh relic

Besides, the Centre also requires explainers, guards, workers to be on duty during the Tet period to illustrate and guide visitors and ensure relics to be usually safe, clean and beautiful.

(Vietnam News Agency)

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