Pompous Hanoi in work of Bang Son writer

Writing much, writing attractively about Hanoi by essay, vignette, perhaps few writers may compares with Bang Son writer. His works imbued with poetry and love of Hanoi, with the exciting knowledge about the city’s land, through “getting in close contact with each shall corder of the society” by a subtle and emotional view.


A work of Bang Son writer. (Source: vov.vn)

Bang Son writer whose real name is Tran Quang Bon, born on 18/12/1932, native place: Binh Luc, Ha Nam, but he was born and grow up in Cam Giang, Hai Duong, and he began his literary career in Hanoi city.

Bang Son has written poems and been a writer since and has published many works on the newspapers when he was a student. But in 1975, he changed to write prose. At that time, he said: “Writing prose will enable the writer represent all his thoughts about man, life, homeland, country, especially beloved Hanoi.”

Bang Son loved Hanoi under his own way. His feet were set up throughout most of the roads, streets, lanes, alleys. He has lingered to small shops, on sidewalks. He found the catering service stores with Hanoi “gifts” to look at, to ponder and write about everything that is in Hanoi. Everything belongs to Ha Noi seemingly ingrained into his brain, heart, human.

According to poet Van Long, although Bang Son grow up in Cam Giang, but his manner and attitude, conduct is of Hanoi person, brings nature of Hanoi, therefore his works have contained spirit, heart of Hanoi person.

First, for culture and food, he was fine and well-experienced as Thach Lam formerly. The second, his living and playing style was very pompous. For example, he liked to collect shaped peach tree. He disliked clump peach tree because it has a series, therefore, although this clump peach tree has many buds, but it does not attach him. He only liked the shape of tree-trunk, root, and branch. And he wanted that only he has that shape in Hanoi. Although he had not much money, Bang Son writer still found all way to obtain it. That is the way of Hanoi actor.

Writing about Hanoi much, but perhaps, what makes Bang Son brand be vignettes and essays about Hanoi. According to his manner, vignette is short (about 1 A4-page), and essay is about 3,000 words. Until now, he has written more than 3,000 works, and 95% of them have been published or printed in anthology.

Bang Son writer admitted that he only wrote under his inspiration and impulse. Perhaps that is why Bang Son’s essay is always rich in poetic nature, has soothing rhythm as a deep lyrical melodies, creates a deep impression in the hearts of readers such as “Thú ăn chơi của người Hà Nội” (4 volumes), “Đường vào Hà Nội,” “Dòng sông Hà Nội,” “Phập phồng Hà Nội.,” “Hà Nội 36 phố phường.”

When reading Bang Son’s works, we will see very pompous Hanoi. Every street corner, every road, tree root, every character, every dress on the street reminders of pomposity, elegance, thousand year-beauty to be potential in every facet of the life.

Loving everything belonging to Hanoi and writing about everything that Hanoi has, but the brainchild about Hanoi which Bang Son writer sympathized most fully is the book “Thú ăn chơi của người Hà Nội.” From this book is edited meticulously, the culture of Hanoi people has appeared through Bang Son’s pen with specific characteristics and all sophistication and subtlety.

Because of loving Hanoi, he had considered that “I’m still alive, still writing about Hanoi”. And in his essay “Nét đan thanh Hà Nội,” he wrote, “Only because of loving Hanoi too much, Hanoi is beautiful sacredly, so we can not keep up, can not bring our little hearts to measure and count. It is similar our piety which can not be used for measure the mother’s heart and love for us. And so, we are happy to be a characteristic in the eternal picture about Hanoi. This picture has painted and is being still painted again.”

However, as a leaf gently touching cold breath of autumn, a romantic soul, a subtle pen about Hanoi – 36 streets, he diseased on the occasion of Hanoi’s millennium anniversary. Bang Son writer died in the morning dated 3/9/2009 at his home after his long serious illness.

All his life devoted to the country’s literary career, he has been awarded many noble rewards by the State such as Medal for cultural career, Medal for educational career for teenager. At the end of year 2009, he was chosen in the list of major award nominations in the “Bui Xuan Phai – For the Love of Hanoi” award.


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