Truong Lac Palace in Thang Long Imperial Citadel was found

On 24 January, the scientists found and clearly determined Truong Lac Palace in Thang Long Imperial Citadel. Truong Lac Palace consists of 9 compartments and 2 lean-tos have the length of over 96m and width of over 14m, and its area is more than Thai Hoa Palace in Hue and Thai Hoa Palace in Forbidden Purple City, China.


Truong Lac Palace

It may be that the area of Truong Lac Palace is also extended to Hoang Dieu street. This is the best beautiful palace under Le dynasty of the Queen mother Nguyen Thi Hang, first wife of the King Le Thai Tong, mother of the King Le Hien Tong. Thus, a foundation of the Palace unearthed at Area A – 18 Hoang Dieu is a part of Truong Lac Palace.

During classification of 4 millions of objects excavated at the Imperial Citadel, the archaeologists also discovered some bowls with the words Truong Lac Palace, Truong Lac Storage.

“New evidences have confirmed that the 18 Hoang Dieu excavated area is the Centre of Thang Long Ancient Forbidden City. Therefore, vestige conservation becomes more urgent”, Prof. Dr. Tong Trung Tin, Deputy Director of the Institute of Archaeology said.

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