1974th anniversary of Hai Ba Trung uprising

In the morning on 6th March, Ha Ba Trung district held formally a ceremony to mark the 1974th anniversary of Hai Ba Trung uprising to review the glorious tradition of Vietnam and respect two heroic woman generals Trung Trac and Trung Nhi.


Activities were held to welcome Hai Ba Trung uprising anniversary. Picture- Gia Huy

The anniversary was held to review the patriotic tradition and the spirit of undaunted struggle of two national heroic women who have held aloft the uprising banner, called upon hero from four directions associating with people in over the country to rise up to expel Nam Han enemy, seize independence for the nation, at the same time, express great responsibility of Hai Ba Trung’s posterity generation in building and protecting the Fatherland, building Hanoi capital in new age.

Hai Ba Trung uprising is symbol of proud will and undauntable uprightness of the nation, expresses ardent patriotic tradition of Vietnamese women.

1974 years ago, in Canh Ty year (in 40 AD), Hai Ba Trung raised the flag to upraise, defeated Dong Han invaders, found a State, proclaimed emperor, opened for the period of the struggle for independence, freedom of the nation. The victory of Hai Ba Trung uprising has demonstrated ample capacity, indomitable spirit and tremendous role of Vietnamese women in the building and conserving the country.

There were also many cultural, art and sport activities such as performance of traditional martial art, calligraphy, art performance taken place in the anniversary to the end of 7/3/2012 (i.e.. 7 February 2012 under lunar year).

Gia Huy

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