Ceremony to announce Pac Bo as special national relic site

On October 6th, Cao Bang held a ceremony to recognize Pac Bo as special national relic site and announce the decision that Cao Bang town officially becomes a city of Cao Bang province. The Senior Leutenant-General Tran Dai Quang, Member of Politburo, Minister of Public Security was present at the ceremony.


Senior Lieutenant-General Tran Dai Quang, on behalf of the Party, State, handed over the Certificate of Pac Bo as special national relic to Cao Bang authorities.

Addressing the opening speech, Mr. Nguyen Hoang Anh-Deputy Province Committee Secretary, Chairman of Cao Bang People’s Committee, has reviewed the historical tradition of this border area. In the history of national construction and protection, Cao Bang was considered as an important and strategic fence of the country along the northern border, closely attached to the national war against the foreign invaders. In 1941, after 30 years abroad to find the way for national salvation, leader Nguyen Ai Quoc chose Pac Bo as a revolutionary base to establish revolutionary movement.

Right here Nguyen Ai Quoc made many important decisions, leading the revolution to the success. From Pac Bo, the revolutionary flame spread across Vietnam, contributed its part to the success of the great revolution in 1945, resulting in the establishment of Democratic Republic of Vietnam, opening a new era for Vietnam nation.

For over 60 years since the date of liberation, Cao Bang Province Party Committee and ethnic minority people were in solidarity to overcome difficulties and challenges and obtain significant achievements: yearly economic growth rate of more than 11%; due attention has been given to hunger and poverty reduction, improved living standards for local people; stable security and political situation; consolidated national unity.

Cao Bang town became a city with 11 administrative units including wards and communes, covering an area of more than 10,762ha, population of 80,400 people. On 25th September, the Government has made Decree to recognize Cao Bang town as a city of the province.

Senior Lieutenant-General Tran Dai Quang, Politburo member, Minister of Public Security, stressed that Cao Bang should continue to preserve and develop Pac Bo special national relic site for the visitors nationwide while educate revolutionary tradition for the young educations. Cao Bang Province Party Committee, government and people should further study and follow the moral example of HoChiMinh, take care of people life, build Cao Bang city to become more beautiful, protect the border in peace, friendly and development relations.

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