Contest for designing archaeological relic at 18 Hoang Dieu

In the morning of 12 February, in Thang Long Imperial Citadel, Center for Thang Long – Hanoi Heritage Preservation organized the “Architectural design contest for preservation and promotion of the value of archaeological relic at 18 Hoang Dieu, Thang Long Imperial Citadel”.


Zone A – B of archaeological relic 18 Hoang Dieu, in the middle is the relic of an ancient river – Photo:  Huy Anh

the contest was held with a view to selecting the best design ensuring the general principle: preservation and promotion of the heritage value of the archaeological relic at 18 Hoang Dieu; elegant architecture, harmonious with adjacent architectural works and local landscape; towards building a historical, cultural park of Thang Long Imperial Citadel, honoring the heritage value and introducing to the community.

Mr. Nguyen Van Son, Director of the Center for Thang Long – Hanoi Heritage Preservation said that the contest aims to building a cultural space for community in harmony with local landscape, integral infrastructure in the master layout of Ba Dinh political – administrative center; organizing architectural space for research, education, popularization and promotion of tourism.

Through this contest, community education and popularization of Thang Long Imperial Citadel will be further promoted to the local and international community by which to introduce Hanoi Capital with thousand years of history.


Relic of ancient well in Ly Dynasty – Photo: Huy Anh

According to the Organizing Board, the selection of architectural designs is carried as the basis for investing and implementing the construction, satisfying all requirements in preservation, improvement and bringing into play the values of Thang Long Imperial Citadel in the connection with and for the sustainable development of the Ba Dinh political center.

Council of Examiners consists of the leaders of Hanoi People’s Committee, Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Culture – Sports – Tourism, Representative Office of UNESCO in Hanoi, Vietnam Association of Architects, Vietnam Urban Planning and Development Association, Hanoi Department of Architectural Planning, Hanoi Department of Culture – Sports – Tourism, Center for Thang Long – Hanoi Heritage Preservation, University of Civil Engineering and the local, international experts who are highly qualified and experienced in the relevant fields such as planning, architecture, archaeology and cultural heritage preservation.

Up to now the Organizing Board has received registration for participation from 40 units, promising to bring about diversified design styles, as the basis to believe that the Organizing Board will find the designs, appropriate, unique, honoring the heritage values.


Relic of water ditch in the archaeological site  18 Hoang Dieu – Photo: Huy Anh

Archaeological relic 18 Hoang Dieu covers an area of 45,530 m2, located in the Central Sector of Thang Long Imperial Citadel. From February 2002 to March 2004, the Institute of Archaeology excavated on a large scale at 18 Hoang Dieu with the total area  of 19,000 m2 and there is revealed an abundant and diversified complex of relics and vestiges from Dai La Dynasty, Dinh – Early Le Dynasty, Ly Dynasty, Tran Dynasty, Early Le Dynasty, Mac Dynasty, Le Trung Hung Dynasty and Nguyen Dynasty.

The heritage site revealed many relics such as foundation of imperial palaces, water drainage system, ancient well, river, lake which had been well planned, taking full advantages of natural conditions based on Confucian standards and phungsui principles. The relics found are architectural objects, metal, ceramic or porcelain artifacts with the history of 1.300 consecutive years. Many relics originated from China, Japan and other Asean countries, which are the living proof of a cultural center of Thang Long Imperial Citadel over thousands of historical years.

The participants will prepare the designs for 2 months. The winning designs will be exhibited from 30 April to  3 May. The award ceremony will be held from 3 to 5 of May 2014.

Huy Anh

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