Hanoi granted Certificate of Special National Monuments

On February 22, the ceremony for receiving Certificate of special national monuments was held at Ly Thai To Flower Garden by Hanoi Authorities.


Deputy PM grants Certificate of Special National Monuments for 5 monuments based in Hanoi, February 22. Photo: VGP/Minh Khoi

The ceremony was attended by Vice Chairwoman of National Assembly – Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan, Secretary of Hanoi Municipal People Committee – Mr. Pham Quang Nghi, Deputy Prime Minister – Mr. Vu Duc Dam, Chief Representative of UNESCO Hanoi Office – Ms. Katherine Muller Marin, leaders from central ministries, branches, and Hanoi authorities, scientists, historical and cultural researchers.

5 monuments granted Certificate of Special National Monuments are: Hai Ba Trung Temple (Me Linh district, Hat Mon Temple (Phuc Tho District), Phu Dong temple (Gia Lam district), Hoan Kiem Lake and Ngoc Son Temple (Hoan Kiem district), Tay Dang Communal House (Ba Vi district).

Addressing at the event, Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc, Vice Chairwoman of Hanoi People’s Committee said, in the past years, with the aim to preserve heritages for next generations, Hanoi spent its funding on preservation of the heritages and monuments. Solely 3 recent years, the city invested approximately 1,000 billion VND from the city budget and socialization source in renovating, remodeling, preventing degradation for 645 monuments.

Hanoi undertakes to better manage the preservation, renovation, and promotion of values of heritages and monuments based in the city including the 5 mentioned-above. Moreover, the city hopes to receive more active cooperation, assistance by authorities of different branches and levels, sciences cultural managers, Vietnamese living in Hanoi, other parts of the country, overseas, and international friends to the preservation of cultural values and traditions of thousand-year civilization Hanoi.


Art performances in the ceremony. Photo: VGP/Minh Khoi

At present, Hanoi has 2,311 ranked monuments, 1,193 of which are of national level (9 special national ones); the other 1,118 are of municipal level.

On December 9, 2013, on behalf of Prime Minister, Deputy PM Vu Duc Dam signed Decision No. 2383/QĐ-TTg raking special national monuments for 14 monuments, 5 of which are in Hanoi.

Hoan Kiem Lake – Ngoc Son Temple (Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi city), a historic site and scenic built in later years of Le Dynasty, 18th century, is the place for worshipping General Tran Quoc Tuan, a national hero well-known and respected by every one.

Sword Lake – Hoan Kiem Lake, a part of Red River, is a legend cradle associated with the resounding victories of Vietnam against foreign invaders. It represents the image of Hero Le Loi returning sword to Magic Turtle, putting an end to the struggle against Chinese Ming Dynasty and opening independence and peace of Vietnam in the 15th century.

Tay Dang Communal House (Ba Vi District), an architectural art monument, about 50 km to the West from central Hanoi, is known as one of the most ancient communal houses of Vietnam.

With the unique sculptures, Tay Dang Communal House is compared as a folk art museum of the 16th century. Beside architectural value, it is also the place for worshipping Saint of Mountain Tan Vien (or Son Tinh), a hero who can conquer nature and be considered a Saint by people, as legend has it.

Hat Mon monument and Hai Ba Trung Temple historical monument are two monuments worshiping and commemorating Hai Ba Trung and historical events associated with the nation’s glorious feat of arms against Dong Han invaders in 40s AD. Symbol of preeminent heroine who struggled and heroically sacrificed for the country opened for the war against the Chinese domination extending over thousand years with the determination of national liberation, seizing independence for our nation. In particular, the uprising has indicated the indomitable spirit of our nation, patriotism, courage intelligence and creativity of Vietnamese women who bravely rose up to fight off foreign invaders. First proclamation of emperor and build of independent state of two heroines also confirmed separate culture, lifestyle and thought of Vietnamese nation.

Phu Dong monument was constructed from 17th century. This is one of commemoration places of cultural heroes of Phu Dong village, who has hit the invaders to defend the nation from the dawn of the nation. Thanh Giong image has become a symbol for the soul and for strength mettle of Vietnam, for undaunted strength of the nation.

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