579th anniversary of King Le Thai To’s death (1433-2012) be held

The 579th anniversary of King Le Thai To’s death was held on October 6th, 2012 (August 21st lunar calendar) at the Dragon Yard of Kinh Thien Palace in the Central Sector of the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long- Hanoi by Le Family, Centre for Education of Tradition and History and Centre for the Preservation of Thang Long- Hanoi Cultural Heritages with the attendance of nearly 500 representatives and Le Family relatives.


In 1418, Le Loi under the name “Pacifying King” (Binh Dinh Vuong) began his campaign from his native Lam Son mountainous region and called for people to revolt against enemy. With his talent of planning and strategy together with will of people, the revolution was completely successful.


With Tot Dong- Chuc Dong Victory and Chi Lang- Xuong Giang Victory, Lam Son insurgent army made the enemy surrender. At the Dong Quan oath- taking ceremony on 10/12/1427, Vuong Thong committed to withdraw soldiers from 29/12/1427. The Pacifying King (Binh Dinh Vuong) released 20,000 prisoners; supplied 500 boats, thousands of horses and sufficient food. On 03/01/1428 the last infantry troop of Vuong Thong returned home; ending the Ming’s 20 year- domination over the Viet people.

On the fifteenth of the lunar April 1428, Le Loi proclaiming himself King, took the throne and was declared Emperor of Dai Viet, and “Great Proclamation upon the Pacification of the Wu” was born.

Our country will be strong and stable

and reformed for beautiful life

Misfortune ceases and prosperity comes

Sun and moon rises and sets

Peaceful and prosperous for all times


The anniversary is the practical activity in order to remind historical past, express our gratefulness to ancestors who founded Thang Long- Great Viet civilization which was passed by tradition from the past to Ho Chi minh age. The image of heroic Le Loi who established strong Great Viet, Dong Do capital which began the Later Le dynasty is always in our mind.

Kim Yen

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